A downloadable Super Princess' 2092

The evil Lord Zurrapa has stolen the kingdom's crown and now our Super Princess has to take it back! Unveil the secrets of the maze, kill all enemies and bring the glory back to the country!!

Initially developed for #gbjam5

  • Full retro game action
  • 3 different levels
  • Music and Fx
  • 7 enemies
  • Works on real hardware
  • Rewarding ending

Tools: GBDK, Gameboy Map Builder, Gameboy Tile Designer, OpenMPT and GBT Player.

We'd recommend using a desktop emulator such as BGB if possible.

Code: Zalo
Art and music: sergeeo

Thanks to: jam organizers, tool creators and La Cigala de Oro restaurant.

#8-bit, #Action, #Arcade, #boy, #game, #gameboy, #Platformer, #retro


Game Boy Rom 128 kB

Install instructions

1. Download the .gb file

2. Install a Nintendo Game Boy emulator

3. Load the .gb file in the emulator

4. Have fun!


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Congrats guys!

Love the game, the graphics and the Thanks message XD. This adventure happened before or after the Super Princess went to the planet Zebes? XD.

Keep the hard work! ;)


Great game! Difficult as hell, and seems to have some issues with the music when you die/switch rooms, but it's really impressive!


Source code is available on github https://github.com/Zal0/gbjam2016