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The Princess has to escape from the Royal Castle killing Aznar clones, Captain Zurrapa and other deadly enemies avoiding spikes everywhere! Help her get her crown back!

Made for #bitbitjam3
Tools: GBDK, Gameboy Map Builder, Gameboy Tile Designer, OpenMPT and GBT Player.
Source available here

The browser emulator is a bit funky with this rom, so we'd recommend using a desktop emulator such as BGB if possible.

Code: Zalo
Art and music: sergeeo

Thanks to: bitbitjam organizers, tool creators and Wang Bao Chinese Restaurant.

Release date Jul 24, 2016
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, game-boy, Game Boy, hardcore, pixel, princess, Retro, rom


PrettyPrincessCastleEscape.gb 64 kB

Install instructions

1. Download the .gb file

2. Install a Nintendo Game Boy emulator

3. Load the .gb file in the emulator

4. Have fun!


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Looks great!