What's This?

This is a game for Game Boy / Game Boy Color made using ZGB for ZGBJAM2 in just 48hrs :) The theme was "I'm hungry".

You can use an emulator or the real hardware using a flashcart (Game Boy / Game Boy Color / etc.) to play this game! With the awesome magic of archjs and Gambatte you can now enjoy an emulator right in your web browser too!

I still got to work a lot on balancing... but I don't know if I'll improve this jam version!

How to Play

Collect the falling sardines if you don't want to die! Avoid falling into the water too!

Shoot your espetos to the pipes in the sides of the screen to get to the next level!

Special Thanks:

Thanks to everyone who joined the jam!!



Install instructions

Download and play it in your emulator or original hardware using a flashcart!


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Great graphics and music, but a little difficult. hehehe